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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cats and Valentines

I've noticed that Midget, one of the gray cats that won't let me get too close, is acting awfully friendly with the guy cats (I'm pretty sure she's female) - most of whom are neutered, but not all of them. Remember, some of them won't let me catch them or even get a really good look to see if they are male/female. I drove Dick to the spay/neuter clinic with each of the cats that we did get spayed/neutered, so I'm pretty sure that there are still two or three that aren't done besides Midget. I still have 3 of the outside girl kittens to get spayed, and set up an appointment with AZ Cats to get them done on Tuesday Feb. 24th (if I can trap them).

I probably will need a trap for Midget -- I might be able to catch her in a cat crate, but the vet would probably have a hard time with her if she's not in a feral trap to let them anesthetize her. She lets me get so close - she'll swat my hand (no claws), but I can't quite get close enough to grab her, and IF I did - she might be a handful. She will chase the laser light into a crate, and hopefully, she'll chase one into a trap if I leave one out for her to get used to for a couple of days before I need to actually trap her.

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