Cat Herding

Friday, January 29, 2010

Still here, Still herding



I'm still surrounded by a herd of my brother's cats mixed with a few of mine (the boys don't mind fraternizing, but the old ladies get picked on by a few of Dick's "old boys", so they avoid contact whenever possible), and haven't had anyone adopted recently. The fraidy cats have become noticeably less afraid of living with me, and Honey, the dog; I'm not sure how they would react to a new face in the house, but they would probably run and hide. I'm hoping, however, that they would adjust to a new person more quickly now after getting used to me. They're getting more used to vacuum cleaners and big scary things in my hands (really only sacks of litter or food or other essentials, but some of them used to react like I was wearing a gorilla suit and threatening them with a tommy-gun), and I get to pet all of them a little and almost all of them quite a bit. Some of them demand attention and petting/scratching, and that includes the two formerly outdoor feral "kittens" - they're going to be 2 years old this July. Time flies -- whether we're having fun or not.

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