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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bunny - cat for adoption

BUNNY is available for adoption

Birthdate: 8-18-07

Gender: Male, Neutered

Color: White with Gray tabby markings

Looks like "I Heart" (I Love) to me - how about you?

If you look at the top of his head from the rear - the gray markings look like a bunny head with ears that go over the top of his head towards his face - that's why my brother named him "Bunny".

Bunny is a lover with people - when you hold him, he holds you back. He rubs your chin with his chin. When you try to put him down again, he tries to stay in your arms - you have to pry him off. He will also sit on your lap, especially if he gets some scritches under his chin while sitting there.

Why is he available?: My brother died, leaving a lot of cats including some older ones who have been in the family for years. Bunny is young and deserves to have a lifelong home with younger folks. I hope to live a number of more years, but he could easily live another 15 or more years, and I probably won't be around by then.

Bunny is Friendly with the proverbial capital F - he is not shy of strangers, and figured out that the dog was safe in a short time. He is not a large or fat cat, but when you pick him up (and you WILL pick him up or he will find a way into your arms), you find that he packs a lot of weight - it's like picking up a sack of sand. He's very playful, and loves chase games -- chase the laser light, chase the string toy, chase the ball, chase the buzzing fly - when he and the other cats are playing, he is the one who catches or monopolizes the game. Bunny never is aggressive to other cats - he just pushes past them to be the first one to catch whatever they're chasing.

Bunny lived as an indoor cat from birth. When I brought him to my place, I eventually let him out in the backyard under supervision. He LOVED it! He stays in the yard (with a few trips next door, but doesn't go wandering off) and loves to sun himself and chase insects and sniff plants. I don't let him out often or for long, and don't recommend letting cats out, but if you do plan to let your cats out in the backyard, he has some good experience with that.

Bunny gets along well with adults, cats and my medium sized dog. Hasn't been around kids, and hasn't been around other dogs. He would be happiest in a home where people have time each day to pay some attention to him other than feeding/cleaning the litter box. He wants a chin to nuzzle and something to chase. While on his own, he is content to look out windows, look for things to bat around, and even sleep a little.

Bunny's adoption fee is $20 for approved families.

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