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Monday, January 5, 2009

Trapping Cats for TNR: How to Trap an Entire Colony


I've only had a small group of outdoor cats to trap (plus some indoor shy cats). Watching this video helped, as well as reading tips on the Alley Cat Allies website, and my local groups - A.L.F, and Altered Tails/AZ Cats. I trapped "my limit" the first time, and missed one the last time I tried because the two outdoor kittens that I had just released after their spaying/neutering kept walking into the traps to get the food. They either set off the trapdoor, scaring the other kittens away, or I scared them away by shooshing the altered kittens away from the door. I then tried luring the kittens into the trap with a laser light pen, but that didn't quite work either. But I did get the mama cat, so she won't have to deal with those rover boys this spring. I still have 3 kittens to catch/spay, and I hope to get them before their first mating.

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