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Monday, January 5, 2009

Do You have a Boomerang Cat?

"...You put kitty down, she returns right back to the point of origin – YOU! So, you gently put kitty down again, she’s right back on you. Cat put down, cat immediately back. Cat down; cat back. And so it continues . . . boomerang-style..."

Article after the jump -- Boomerang Cats

iVillage - Petside - by Sandra Toney

I have had a number of "boomerang" cats in my lifetime, and have one, Pepper, who is very persistent about getting attention except when she wants food even more. If she's hungry, I can get her to get down off the computer or my lap and go to her dish for something yummy. Of course, as soon as she's done eating, she may very well boomerang right back to me....

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